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Tatterdemalion Blue was founded initially to publish the works of John King.


John King


there is a childlike wonder in me

that still believes everything is possible


John lives in Stirling (Scotland), borne in the grace of nature. 


Originally from Corby, Northants: discovered and affectionately named 

'Smidean Alba' (Little Scotland) by the Icelandic alchemist Arne Saknussemm 
upon his journey to the centre of the earth.


Perhaps it is the essence of this seeking that has found its way into his dreaming heart.

John is ...

a dreamer - a seeker - a soul-journeyman
a poet - an artist - a musician
It is his desire to share his journey and the beauty he has found.




... only a dream away ...

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we have cast a pebble 
into the still blue ocean

and gaze upon the ripple 

as it seeks your shore


follow our adventure

and be part of the journey


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