The Tales of Mr Tilly ...

Mr Tilly's Bake it yourself Book - now available online ...



The Recipes in this book are inspired by the many characters

who appear in the Tales of Mr Tilly.

They have been imagined and written by Noreen,

created and tested by Nora and lovingly drawn by Lorna.

And now, they can be baked and eaten by you!

This could be the beginning of a love of baking that will last all of your life.




Mr Tilly and the Faerie Stone



The snow has come to the village.

Will Mr Tilly and the boys find their way out 

of the scary white woods in time for tea?

What was it the faeries whispered in Mr Tilly’s ear?

Mr Tilly forgets to remember, remembers, 

and then forgets again. 

There’s real magic in the air in

Mr Tilly and the Faerie Stone.




Mr Tilly and the Christmas Lights



It’s Christmas time.
Mr Tilly’s Teashop has been decorated 
and the big tree is coming to the village square.
But will the tree lights work on the night?
And what is wrong with Bridget?
Join the festive fun in Mr Tilly and the Christmas Lights.

Mr Tilly and the Valentine Surprise



Love is in the air and laughter too.


Will Daisy, who washes up, get a Valentine?
Can Mr Tilly make things better for an old lady and a lonely budgie?
Feel the love in this heart-warming tale, 
Mr Tilly and the Valentine Surprise.

Mr Tilly and the Easter Chicks

Where has Mabel, the forgetful chicken, left her eggs this time?
Who will win the giant chocolate egg in the Easter Bonnet Competition?
How do you catch chicken pox?
Find out in this delightful tale, Mr Tilly and the Easter Chicks. 


Mr Tilly and the Halloween Mystery



There’s something spooky going on in The Empty House.
Even the faeries are frightened.
And what has happened to Heather’s bike?
Mr Tilly gets a fright
and learns a lesson in Mr Tilly and the Halloween Mystery.

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